Saturday, 5 March 2011

Live Slow

The problem with ‘life’ these days is the pace. Humans are naturally slow animals – it took me a little over 9 months to move merely a matter of inches from womb to world. Surely every decision should be contemplated that much.

 Actually, looking back on it now I’m not sure I made the right choice – the world is a cold and dark place, the womb had real potential.  Yes there wasn’t huge potential to add extensions, and the inclusion of a skylight would have been nice, but it had major benefits. Bed and board were fully included, I regularly had the sweet crooning’s of Chris De Burg piped to me and I never had to struggle through the weekend crowds at the food shop.

The world on the other hand hasn’t lived up to the hype. Whilst ‘womb-bound’ the peer pressure to join the outside is massive, with my landlord at the time preparing for my exit almost from day one. Promises of love and happiness were abound, dreams of women in red dancing plagued my consciousness, and the smell of bacon teased me out.

Reflecting back on my experience now I didn’t appreciate what I had. If I’d taken another month or two to make my decision, rather than rushing into it like a fool, I imagine my life would have improve 10 fold.
Humans seem to be designed for longevity rather than speed. So brothers and sister, be a turtle rather than a hare, and for those of you still womb bound – stay there, its far nicer!